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Mourning for Prof. Wu Jing: Our Respected President

NCKU held a public memorial ceremony to pay respect to Prof. Wu Jing


To pay respect to the contribution of Prof. Wu Jing (吳京), ex-president of NCKU and former Minister of Education, a memorial ceremony was held in Chung-Zhen Auditorium at NCKU. Hundreds of people from inside and outside the University came to grieve over for their highly esteemed teacher, colleague, supervisor and friend, and some could not help weeping at the passing of a great man, including the NCKU President Michael MC Lai and other NCKU staff.


Decorated with his favorite white lilies and orchids, the ceremony hall looked solemn, simple and fitting for this occasion. Professor Wu’s photo was placed at the front and center of the hall, showing him delivering a speech in high spirits, revealing his unique charisma. At the entrance of the hall, Professor Wu’s publications and related books were displayed for the mourners to retrace his life.


In the ceremony, President Lai praised Professor Wu as a role model for all NCKU people and as a giant in the Taiwanese academic circles. Professor Li Ke-Rang, the former Dean of NCKU Engineering College, and a close friend of Professor Wu, read letters from friends abroad who expressed their condolences to the family of the deceased. Their personal feelings for Professor Wu were revealed between the lines of every letter, moving many of the mourners to tears.



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