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30th Anniversary for the NCKU North Cal Alumni Society

Prof. Ying-Tai Lung (龍應台) made a speech at a meeting of the NCKU North Cal Alumni Society


To celebrate the 30th anniversary of this alumni society and the 74th anniversary of the University, the North Cal Alumni Society, one of the earliest established ones, invited Prof. Ying-Tai Lung (龍應台), a celebrated essayist and cultural critic, to give a speech to the alumni and residents in the Bay area.


The chairman of the society said that it used to be an organization for NCKU associates only, but now it is involved with many community services and volunteer works, and welcomes other community members to join.


This year the society held a special anniversary celebration at the Double Tree Hotel in San Jose. In addition to speeches, there was a band performance and a book-signing activity.


Nearly 50% of NCKU graduates choose to pursue their further studies in the United States, and while some of them return to Taiwan, others choose to stay on in America. Hence, NCKU has many alumni in North California: over 500 are currently registered members in the society, and around 1,000 are unregistered.


To build a communication platform for the alumni, the society has set up a website: www.ncku.net to offer the latest news and related information.


In July, a job-hunting lecture was co-held by the society, the World Journal, Northwestern Polytechnic University and Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in San Francisco.

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