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Campus News:Professor Li Ke-Rang Scholarships Granted 97 Students

Professor Li Ke-Rang Scholarships established for 18 years.

Professor Li Ke-Rang Scholarship recipients are 97 students in 2008.


The Professor Li Ke-Rang Scholarship was founded by Professor Li Ke-Rang, former Dean of the Engineering College and currently Honor Professor of NCKU. The 19th scholarship ceremonies took place on April 25, 2008 with Professor Li in attendance, granting 97 scholarships, with an award of NT$10,000 and a scholarship certificate for each recipient. In terms of the amount of the prize and the number of recipients, this scholarship is outstanding among domestic scholarships.


The 19th Professor Li Ke-Rang Scholarship granted awards to 97 recipients.


Behind this scholarship is a heart-touching story. Professor Li led a hard life when he taught in the department of mechanical engineering, so some of his students donated money to improve his life after they were successful in the society. Professor Li did not use a penny at all but saved the donation as the scholarship.


In the ceremony, NCKU President Michael MC Lai first congratulated the recipients for getting the grant and encouraged them to expand the spirit of this scholarship one day. NCKU President Lai praised Professor Li for his compassionate sentiment and generous contribution to so many students. His concern and love for students established a role model for both the university and society, and students who received this scholarship were expected to expand his love and concern to others in need, the president noted.


The chairman of E-Ton Solar Tech Co, a leading green energy company in Taiwan, Mr. Wu, Shi-Zhang, is one of the donator to the scholarship this year. He noted that life is a process of giving and taking and, and he felt much better to give than to take.



This year Professor Li attached a warm-hearted note to each certificate, saying: “Congratulations! From your application documents, we are happy to know that NCKU has a great student. Though the prize of this scholarship is small, the love of it is big, standing for the love of successful alumni to return what they received from this university. If you have received this love, and if you are able to give more in the future, do not forget to give your concern, to love others. I, an old NCKU fellow, will be very proud of you.”



[The text and photos are taken from the NCKU E-Newsletter.]

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