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First CTCI Foundation Technology Awards Go to NCKU Alumnus

CTCI Foundation Technology Award voiced substantial development
NCKU alumnus are the first two recipients of the award.
Many technology awards are established in Taiwan but the one given by China Technical Consultant Inc. (CTCI) Foundation is the first one that is especially devoted to resource energy and bio-environmental technology. Liang, Zhi-Jian (梁志堅)won this honor for the contribution in automatic electrical adjustment and Liu, Shou-Cheng (劉紹臣) in atmosphere studies.
Liang, Zhi-Jian: an alumnus of the Electrical Engineering Department
Liang currently serves as the Chief Engineer in the Taiwan Power Company. He started his career from the basic level and for the past 46 years, step by step he developed a complex automatic energy saving system that upgraded man-controlled electricity adjustment, analysis and statistics. In other words, he helped modernized and digitalize the electricity supply in Taiwan. This system not only raises the stability, efficiency and productivity of power supply and at the same time lowers the cost of power generation. In recent years, the power distribution loss of this system is the second lowest in the world.
In addition, Liang advocates cogeneration system by setting company and organizing an association, assisting the government to promote the development in this field. He studies the experiences and performance of foreign cogeneration development and align the government, the Taiwan Power Company and other private investors to set up the Taiwan Cogeneration Company. So far, its generation capacity exceeds 620 million kilowatts, which takes up 16.2 percent of the total power supply in Taiwan.
With regard to this award, Liang said this is a result of a teamwork not an individual work. The only thing he did is to think more and to envision further.
Liu, Shou-Cheng: an alumnus of the Physics Department
With outstanding research performance in atmosphere studies, Liu is recruited by the Acadmia Sinica from the Georgia Institute of Technology where he served as a chair professor and the director of Air Resource Engineering Center. He also had been a section chief at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the states for twelve years.
Professor Liu is a distinguished scholar. He has published over 120 papers and selected by ISI as a highly-cited researcher. He has edited the well-known Geophysical Research Journal. For his expertise in this field, he is elected and currently serves as the science committee member in the International Global Atmospheric Chemistry Project. In 1994, he is awarded the fellowship by the American Geophysical Union (AGU). He also won the Achievement Award from the US’ National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and many other distinguished research awards.
After coming back to Taiwan, Professor Liu leads the Research Center for Environmental Changes at the Academia Sinica and coordinates the Environmental Changes Research Project, exploring the air quality, water quality and regional climate change in Taiwan and investigating their impacts on bio-environment and social resources. He cooperates with six universities in Taiwan to establish a monitor network of suspended particle elements and hydrocabons in air. The data collected by the network helps to study the air quality in Taiwan. Recently, he expands this scope of this project to cover the ozone studies.
[This text are taken from China Times, July 25, 2005]
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