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Through alumni relations, NCKU and TCMH sign a MOU to launch industry-academia collaboration

A Malaysia-based investment holding company Tan Chong Motor Holdings Berhad (TCMH) signed a MOU with NCKU on June 4, marking the beginning of the industry-academia collaboration between both sides. Established in 1957, TCMH is one of the largest automobile manufacturing and sales group in Southeast Asia, which also involves in a diversified business portfolio including trade, real estate property, tourism and education. The Senior Manager of TCMH Gan Chin Hui, who is also the President of NCKU Alumni Association in Malaysia, recommended the group to cooperate with NCKU. With the assistance of Mr. Gan and Director Shaw Shyh-yu of NCKU Alumni Association Center, two sides started working on details of collaboration models.

By signing this MOU, TCMH has agreed to offer scholarship amounting 7,100,000 for Malaysia students who study in School of Engineering at NCKU and encourage them to work at TCMH after graduation by offering job opportunities. Besides, TCMH invests four million on the international master student nurturing project which is carried out by Department of Mechanical Engineering. This project will not only provide an advanced training opportunity for the TCMH employees but also foster the communication between employees and NCKU students. Moreover, TCMH will fund on the collaboration with NCKU on research and innovation.

Dean Pao-Shan Yu of College of Engineering, Director Shaw Shyh-yu of Alumni Association Center, Senior General Manager Dr. Paul Leow of CRM & Learning TCMH, Advisor Ching-Yang Su for Tan Chong Group, President Gan Chin Hui of NCKU Alumni Association in Malaysia, Associate Dean of Student Affairs Siu-Tong Choi, and Director Yung-Chun Lee of Department of Mechanical Engineering have all participated in this MOU signing ceremony.

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