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About Us

Brief History

    National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) was established as Tainan Technical College in 1931. It was later renamed as Taiwan Provincial Tainan Junior College of Technology, Taiwan Provincial College of Engineering, Taiwan Provincial Cheng Kung University, and finally National Cheng Kung University. Seventy-six years have passed and the number of its alumni has exceeded 130,000. NCKU has always put a high premium on the services for its alumni. During the term of President Nee Chao (倪超), one professor and one officer were assigned from the Secretariat to be in charge of the related alumni affairs. A dedicated staff for the alumni affairs was employed in 1989. The proposal for the establishment of the Alumni Association Center was approved at the 113th Administrative Council on 2 May 1990. Later, on 13 December 1995 at the 2nd University Council, the regulations for the establishment of the Alumni Association Center was approved by the Council and subsequently approved by the Ministry of Education. The NCKU Alumni Association Center was officially established on April 20th, 1996.


  The NCKU Alumni Association Center aims to coordinate the worldwide Alumni Associations in order to build a strong alumni network and facilitate the further development of the University. It is our goal and hope to unite our alumni who are often highly influential so that the visionary goals of NCKU may be achieved. Reflecting upon the development of Taiwan in the 20th century, NCKU, established in 1931, has always played a crucial role in every economic breakthrough. NCKU has been run by the University Motto of “Search for the truth, and be devoted to knowledge” and the down-to-earth academic atmosphere. Numerous highly talented individuals have been educated. According to a survey conducted by Common Wealth Magazine, the graduates of NCKU had been the favorite of the businesses for 10 consecutive years from 1996 to 2005. Up to now, NCKU graduates have always been the most stable and stress-resistant among all. It goes to show that our alumni have been recognized for their excellent performances and achievements. Despite the remarkable reputation, the alumni still share a strong sense of unity and are proud of being an NCKU fellow. That is why the alumni can always achieve more in each corner of the world and that is what makes them shine.


    The mission of NCKU Alumni Association Center is to coordinate worldwide NCKU Alumni Associations, and join forces among highly outstanding and influential alumni to help with achieving the visionary goals of NCKU. The Center provides high quality and effective services and care about our alumni and friends. Services provided by the Center include establishment and maintenance of NCKU alumni database, providing free email service for alumni, organizing reunion activities for the alumni worldwide, strengthening the academic and technological interactions between the alumni and the university, issuing statements and certificates, and awarding outstanding alumni for their achievements.