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Campus Wi-Fi Service

Application for NCKU Campus Wireless Network Service for Alumni:

  1. To access the alumni campus wireless network, you are first required to apply for an alumni email account.
  2. With an alumni email account, you are allowed to log onto the application website of the NCKU campus wireless network service at http://wifi.alumni.ncku.edu.tw/
  3. After the verification of applicant information by the NCKU Alumni Association Center, your Wi-Fi access will be activated.
  4. The NCKU campus wireless network service is valid for one year. Please renew your application when it is expired.


For further information, please contact: jjou@mail.ncku.edu.tw


How to use NCKU Campus Wireless Network Service:
1.The base station of the NCKU alumni-only wireless network (SSID):


2. Please select “To obtain IP address and DNS servers automatically.”

3. When a connection to the base station of NCKU-alumni has been established, please open your browser and go to the user verification webpage.

4. Upon completing the verification process you are then able to use the wireless service.

5. For copyright reasons, NCKU campus software programs and electronic database are not available to alumni.

6. Please read the following instructions carefully:
Contact: Manager Ou


NCKU Alumni Wireless Network Base Station Positions


NCKU Alumni Wireless Network Base Station Service Compass

(SSID): NCKU-alumni

NCKU Library:

Note: The NCKU Library wireless Internet provides only an http website browsing service. Please consult with the information desk in the library if you have any questions about this service.

  1. B1: Conference Room, Café Art Gallery
  2. B2: Bookroom Reading Area
  3. 1F: Entrance
  4. 2F: Chinese Journals Reading Area
  5. 3F: Western Journals Reading Area, Southern-end Reading Area
  6. 4F: Bookroom Reading Area
  7. 5F: Bookroom Reading Area, Study Carrels
  8. NCKU Kun-Yen Medical Library (North Section Reading Areas on First and Second Floors)Cheng-Hsing Campus
  9. K Hall (Sheng-Li Campus)

Large Conference Rooms or Public Spaces:

Kung-Fu Campus:

  1. International Conference HallLecture Rooms No. 1, No.2 and No.3
  2. Cheng Kung Hall, Multifunctional Hall, Art Center
  3. Student Activity Center
  4. Phoenix Theater
  5. West Wing of Yunping Administrative Building
  6. Kung-Fu Stadium (beneath Observation Platform), Physical Education Office, Military Training Office

Cheng-Kung Campus:

  1. Ke-Tze Hall, Ke-Tze Auditorium
  2. The Computer and Network Center

Li-Hsing Campus:

  1. The Y.S. Sun Green Building Research CenterThe Magic School of Green Technologies

Cheng-Hsing Campus:

  1. Cheng-Hsing Hall
  2. Lecture Rooms No. 1, No.2, No, 3 and No. 4 of Medical College

Sheng-Li Campus:

  1. NCKU Alumni Association Center
  2. Yun-Ching-Hsuan HallSecond Activity Center